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Are you unhappy with your teeth color? We offer several options for whitening your own teeth or your teen’s teeth. Teeth whitening could be your secret weapon for brighter confidence-boosting smiles to leave a lasting impression.

We offer in-office and at-home professional quality whitening at the dentist, which offers fast, dramatic results combined with our expert guidance. Choose what fits your lifestyle and budget after discussing the pros and cons with our team.

Whitening options are typically for patients with full adult teeth:

  • Whitening toothpaste and a professional cleaning: Sometimes all you need is a good cleaning to show off those natural pearly whites. We can also recommend toothpastes that are specially formulated to help remove surface stains.
  • Take-home whitening strips/trays: Formulas of carbamide peroxide/hydrogen peroxide works on natural teeth. Unfortunately it will not work on fillings, crowns, or veneers. We can assess if this is a good option for you. This treatment breaks up stains over time at home, while it works well it’s not instant.
  • In-office whitening: This works only on natural teeth and uses a stronger formula to achieve quicker whitening results. If your teeth are not natural it may be possible to replace some work to match the new bright smile!

Teeth whitening may result in teeth and gum sensitivity, and should only be used on healthy gums and teeth.

Make an appointment with our adult dentist, Dr. Sabrina, for a consultation to see which option is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Working from the inside out, the active ingredients in Opalescence gels penetrate your teeth to break down the discolored molecules deep down in your teeth, removing stains and whitening your smile. Opalescence gels contain potassium nitrate and fluoride which have been shown to strengthen enamel, decrease sensitivity, and help prevent cavities!

Teeth whitening is a safe, comfortable way to get a bright, white smile. Results and treatment time may vary depending on the level of staining and whiteness desired. Crowns, bridges, fillings, and veneers will not whiten. We recommend visiting your dentist for a pre-whitening consultation so that they can help you choose the professional option that best fits your needs.

Teeth whitening results are very stable, leaving you with a stunning smile long after treatment is over. However, there are a few factors that can make teeth lose their luster. Things like genetics, diet, age, some medications (like tetracycline), and certain habits (like smoking) may affect the length of your whitening results. Fortunately, touch-up treatments are quick and easy, helping you get that bright, white smile back.

Tooth sensitivity is a relatively common side effect of teeth whitening. If sensitivity occurs, it is often temporary and will go away once you’ve completed the whitening process. Opalescence products include desensitizing ingredients like potassium nitrate and fluoride to help reduce sensitivity and provide additional comfort.

Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride), which helps maintain the health of enamel throughout the whitening process.

Opalescence has been specially formulated and is available in many different concentrations, delivery options, and flavors. This means that you can whiten in a way that best fits your lifestyle. Whether you want to whiten your teeth with a custom tray, prefilled tray, or in-office whitening treatment, Opalescence has a professional whitening option for you.

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