When to Consider Special Needs Dentistry

child smiling with head gear on in wheel chair

First impressions are everything—especially when it comes to your child’s first dental visit. By creating a welcoming and stress-free environment, the Adelberg Montalvan Pediatric Dentistry team does all it can to provide your family with a positive atmosphere guaranteed to provide a lifetime of good oral health. 

Whether they are nervous about the first visit or your child has specific sensory issues, our doctors are specially trained in providing dental care for all patients, including those with physical and mental challenges or who have specific special healthcare needs. Each child is unique, and their treatment plan should be, too. 

We know that making medical decisions for your child is important. If you are considering looking for a dentist that offers and is educated in special needs dentistry, here’s why you’ll want to put your trust in the team at Adelberg Montalvan:

We Provide Extended Appointments

We aim to create a safe environment, and that begins from the moment you walk through our doors. We can schedule an initial meet-and-greet to help your child get to know us and feel comfortable before their first visit occurs. We will then decide if your child requires a longer appointment time and will even work with any therapists or healthcare providers for a safe and collaborative treatment plan.

We Offer Sedation When Needed

We ensure any procedure is done with safety in mind, and for some cases, this might require sedation. If your kid has dental anxieties, special needs, or behavioral issues, or if your child will require a significant amount of treatment in one sitting, we may suggest the use of the following:

  • nitrous oxide 
  • laughing gas
  • IV sedation (performed by a medical anesthesia team) 

This, of course, is always on a case-by-case basis and is aimed at avoiding any necessary dental trauma. We will do whatever we can to not only provide the safest treatment possible but to create a positive experience that will put any fear or anxiety to rest.

Laser Dentistry For Less Discomfort

The sound of a drill or the site of a needle can be frightening for most, especially for those with certain sensory issues. That’s why, in many cases, and whenever possible, our team will offer laser dentistry as a treatment option. With a faster treatment time, less vibration and noise, and fewer postoperative complications, it’s often a go-to option for various procedures. 

With its gentle approach, we can remove areas of tooth decay, provide root canal therapy, and even provide some oral surgery and extractions. We not only offer laser dental treatment to patients, including those with special needs; we are leading the way in experience in it. We’ve treated thousands of pediatric patients and continue to with great success. 

Schedule Your Child’s First Visit With Adelberg Pediatrics

We are always happy to further discuss our philosophy and approach with you and your child to determine whether special needs dentistry is the best choice for your family. Just call any of our offices with any questions you may have!

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